Farm Happenings


Market is approching fast...

Our trusty camper we lived in for a year turns into out market cart with a nice deep cleaning. How I have missed pulling this little green egg around towns and campgrounds across the country. Now we get to share her with Findlay Market on Sundays. Its Tuesday already and we have at least 3 weeks of work to fit into 4 days. Baking, picking, cleaning, organizing, packing and heading to our first market April 15. Holy Moly here we go!

10 April 2018



Still cold in ohio.....

 Its still cold here in Ohio, we have been waiting on spring for a while now. The snow has turned into rain which then turns into mud. As we head into our first year in business things are going slow but time is going fast. We are in the midst of putting up our first green house while we are getting products grown and made for market under these harsh conditions. ohh me ohh my, the joys of being a small business owner. Still beats any day in the office!

23 March 2018

Getting the Fields ready

Khan our fluffy puppy is watching over us as we prep a few beds for planting.  It was too wet to run the tractor over the beds so for now we manage with our faithful low tech garden fork. 3 beds done 180 to go! 

20 March 2018



secret nest

Today was my lucky day, I found a secret laying nest. There is always at least one rough bird in our flock laying in the hay and straw shed. I made them a deluxe chicken coop with more than enough private and community boxes for the ladies and I find eggs elsewhere. At least it is clean and not broken.

15 March 2018