Lettuce Wrap Bundle

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Lettuce Wrap Bundle


Pastured Ground Chicken

  • Yellow Onions

  • Carrots

  • Yellow Peppers

  • Red Peppers

  • Squash

  • Cabbage

  • Asian Eggplant

  • Fresh Chive

  • Garlic


- Brown ground chicken in hot cast iron
- Carrots + Onions + 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flake
- Add Zucchini + Egg plant + Cabbage
- Cook until soft and flavorful
-Mix 2oz of soy sauce + 4oz rice wine vinegar and a few drops of sesame oil + Garlic + Sriracha (if you want a little spice!).
- Pour over veggies and cook just for a minute more to get it caramelized
-Garnish with Chive
-Use Bibb lettuce as wrap and you have your self a one pan meal!

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